Top 5 ways to deal with injury

Injury is a common problem that encounters thousands of runners every year, here are the top 5 ways to deal with injury.

1. Listen to your body

The definition of pain is “a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury” but the other definition is “mental suffering or distress”.

As a runner (or any athlete in general) you have to draw a line between whether you are physically unable to do any more due to emense pain or if you just have mental suffering – basically you have to decide if the pain you have could damage yourself physically or if the mental pressure is too high.

2. Find out what your injury is!

This one is pretty obvious but still worth mentioning, I mean how do you know how to fix the problem when you don’t know what the problem is!

A simple trip to the physio or asking you coach and friends is all it takes to find out what your problem is. You might be saying “what coach or friends? How would they know anything” and you’re right if you said that, they might know absolutely nothing but it’s worth a go; I found out I had an injury thanks to one of my friends so although there is a cance that they would know nothing there is also a chance that they could really help you.

3. Resting until your body wakes up

One of the best things to do if you have a injury is to do nothing at all! You and your body will love you for it.

If you are worried about losing fitness while you’re resting, don’t be! There are so many things to do while you’re out of a certain sport – even though I did say rest you should do some exercise, if you have a injury from waist down just get in the pool! No kicking but it will really strengthen your muscles and if you have an injury waist up some squats are always good, of course depending on the severity of your injury you can decide on the intessity of your training.

Also eat healthy!

4. Physio

One of the things on the top of your mind is trying to speed up recovery time whilst not reducing the quality of your recovery a great way to do this is physio.

Although physio is somewhat expensive you should still give it a go, just one session of physio can give you the next month as work of varied stretches and workouts to help with your injury.

5. Ice! Ice! Ice!

Arguably one of the most used healing techniques is ice. These little pieces of frozen water are used by athletes in every level from elite athletes like Mo Farah to everyday Joe who runs round the block at five in the morning.

My recommendation is to buy a high quality ice bag, get a pillow and just sit in front of the tv for an hour, you should do this at night so while you are sleeping the cold muscles can have time to repair themselves and if you have an injury not to do with your musculature then you can still use ice but it won’t heal you all it will do is numb the area that was iced, this means that you will have less pain in that area and if you have trouble sleeping due to pain then you should defiantly do this as for the obvious reason. You will be able to sleep better.

What injures have you had?

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New Year, New Challenges

As the new school year is finally here I would like to inform you on what I will be doing this here.

For a start I will be competing in the International Schools Cross Country Competition (ISCCC) next week which is one of the biggest cross country meets in the year. A day after that I will be running in the Standerd Charted 5km race.

November, my most hectic month of the year and it is where I will be competing in a totalI of 8 events (3 of them are football events) and a number of road races within the month as well.

In December I will be going to Langkawi for a 4 day athletes camp where I will be living the life of a professional.

Another highlight of the year ahead is that I will be doing my first ever 10km race in Borneo! I am also competing in the international schools athletics competition this year where I will try to claim gold 3rd year in a row.

What are you doing this year?

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Victory has a price

 What would you do to have your country’s anthem played as a gold medal glimmers on your neck?

What would you do to have a stadium chant your name?

what would you do to win?


Yes you could buy the latest and most high tech gear on the market, and in no way am I saying that it won’t help; of course I am a prime suspect of caving in and splashing out money on ultra light weight clothes and shoes however I am saying you can’t win a race by simply having the best gear, if you want to win you have to pay the price of time. I’m talking about training, you have to train and when I say train I mean make a schedule and follow it, make it part of your everyday life because if you work hard and train hard you can win! 


Natural ability can only get you so far.

One of my top competitors is a very naturally gifted runner, him and I have a very intense rivalry as we are normally seconds apart, however this year I knew that if i wanted to win more and by allot I would have to train, so that’s what I did, I trained and trained and trained where as my competitor didn’t – he thought that his natural ability would do the work so he missed some training sessions and didn’t really try and then when it came down to the big races I ended up winning by about 200-300m and then at the very end of the year everybody in our training group had to do a 3km time trial and I won and beat my PB by 10 seconds and I was 5m away from lapping my competitor.

So now I have opened the gap by allot in the year and he will have to try and close it by training however it will be hard for him to do the amount of training he needs to close the gap as he is so used to not training.


What would you do to win?


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Thyanpura triathlon camp

Thyanpura Triathlon Camp 2014

This week I was fortunate enough to go to a top class sports school in Phuket Thailand in which I endured a camp directed at triathletes, the camp was 5 days long and consisted of various activities related to the 3 attributes of a triathlon – Swimming, Biking and Running – the camp has the best facilities which attract every athlete (including pros) Thyanpura is equipped with a Olympic size pool, multiple tennis courts, a 500m track, etc. last year Thyanpura was visited by the Australian national triathlon team and this year I met 3 proffesional triathletes and a ex-pro, former Olympian and Australian record holder for the 1500m

The camp was hard work and great fun I will definitely do it again next year.

Have you ever been to a camp?

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My Summer Schedule

This summer I will be traveling to England where I will spend 4 weeks and then return back to Malaysia the purpose of this post is to inform you on what I will be doing there (in terms of running).

Full Potential Running Camp – In England I will be spending 5 days in a residential running camp where I will learn about healthy eating, preparation, training, etc. The camp came highly recommended and just by reading their website (link below) I can see why as Full Potential was founded 7 years ago and offers a huge variety of coaching for any standard, I mentioned Full Potential in my previous article about my Garmin Forerunner 220 and how they provide high end training plans for Garmin Connect.

Full Potential –

What are you doing this summer?


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Breaking my 3km PB

At the beginning and end of every term my coach has everyone undergo a 3km time trial; as we do this in a running club after school and with the lovely compliment of malay weather it is normally a dreaded day among the majority of the group however I knew that I was prepared for it, I had been training and eating well and although the colossal hurdle of 33 degrees Celsius weather and humidity were knocking at my door I pushed on, with the help of my coach who was running beside me I finished the 7 and 1/2 laps at a time of 11:21   minuets (almost lapping second place); beating my PB by 16 seconds and breaking the 3km Key stage 3 record, which means I hold all of the key stage 3 long distance records (800m – 5000m) a very hard and enduring task to which I’m very thankful of and I would not have been able to accomplish with out the help of my coach and support from my family and friends.


What are your personal goals?


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Mizuno Wave Musha 5 shoe review


This past year I have been running in the Mizuno Wave Musha 5, a lightweight racing flat that offers support and comfort in your ride.

In my opinion the Wave Musha 5 is a very good racing flat and I have used this shoe for every race this year so it’s fair to say I have put some mileage into this shoe and there is only wear on the top of the toe box and on the mid foot/forefoot area, which is good but for me I have completely rundown the shoe – to a point that I had to buy I new pair – I think that the Mizuno logo on the shoe is made out of a bad material along with the design on the back (which is made out of the same material) I am also not a big fan of the “Wave” technology and I think the only thing it adds to the shoe is weight.


What shoe are you wearing?


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